We're more than just a t-shirt company....

From the smallest of beginnings, striking out on her own in July of 1991, with a 4-head printer and a spot dryer, learning the process and obsessing over every detail along the way; Nikki began printing shirts, making plaques, and building trophies – and most of all making her customers happy.

Word got out, her business grew, so she added team members and services. Then, there was a fire – her little shop burned. Little did she know, God had bigger plans for her, temporarily landing in another building (hey, there were rats, and she had limits) Nikki moved to her corner location where she’s been for 25 years and counting. With 4,000 square feet Nikki had the opportunity to grow her business even more - and grow she did.

As community needs arose Nikki added services to the Graphitti wheelhouse. While working with a contractor to produce t-shirts for national-based blood drives the need grew for semi-automatic printers. Adding a 6-head and 2-head printer to her arsenal enabled the ability to offer faster turn-around times and capacity for producing larger orders.

When the local sporting goods place closed, she added varsity letter jackets, chenille and extended her awards line.  Eventually as the business grew, embroidery was added to now include multiple head machines. Vinyl cutting and print and cut options were added to offer more services. When 2 local offset printing companies went into retirement there was again a gap in services. So Graphitti grew again. We offer copy and print services in-house, and we’ve partnered with another outstanding business to offer all off-set printing needs.

We're constantly improving because we treat our workspace not just as a place to do business, but as a place to learn.  We're always working on new ways to deliver even higher quality product with faster turnaround times.  From the tiniest detail to our awesome service, we make sure you receive exactly what you want - when you want it. 

We have a deep appreciation for our incredible customers, our talented team, and the new heights we'll reach together. We are proud to be a woman-owned business, and we owe a huge thanks to our loyal customers who have helped us grow over the last 25 years and counting.